The History of Southland Envelope Company

Southland Envelope_5852Southland Envelope Company began in March 1970 as a family business venture. Frank Soloman, Sr. founded the Company on the idea that San Diego County would embrace the market for an envelope manufacturing plant.  Until this point, businesses in the San Diego area had to rely on Los Angeles based companies to meet their envelope requirements.

Frank Sr., along with his wife, Rita, daughters Linda and Dianne, and son Frank, Jr., began working in a small building in La Mesa, Ca. with nothing more than a few pieces of machinery, and the determination to succeed.  Southland Envelope Company was the first envelope manufacturing plant established in San Diego County.

In the passing months, demand grew because of the availability of quality products and service at a competitive price.  In early 1971, demand outgrew capacity, and the Company moved its operation from La Mesa, to El Cajon, Ca. The move allowed the Company to accommodate additional machinery as well as staff.  In the years following the move, a growth trend continued in sales, machinery, and employees, until it once again became necessary to look for a larger facility.

In July 1978, construction began on a new, 24,000 square foot building in Santee, Ca. The project was complete in March 1979, and the company was again able to expand the equipment and storage capacity necessary to meet the continuing demand for quality-manufactured envelopes.

In 1988, Southland Envelope Company employed a staff of seventy, many of whom began with the Company in its first years of business.

Southland Envelope Company continued to grow steadily over the next decade, and in January 2000, the Company welcomed in the new millennium with a brand new 75,000 square foot facility in Lakeside, Ca.

In 1970, Southland Envelope Company began producing only two sizes of envelopes, selling its products in San Diego County, and employing a staff of seven.  Today, Southland Envelope Company produces over 100 different sizes and types of envelopes and possesses various printing capabilities. The Company is a viable supplier in Southern California as well as the Southwest Region (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix).  Moreover, there are one-hundred twenty people employed by Southland Envelope, one third of whom have been with the company over ten years, and several employees that have celebrated their twenty and twenty-five year anniversaries.

For four decades, Southland Envelope Company has demonstrated a level of excellence in its ability to manufacture a quality product and maintain a superior level of customer service. Southland Envelope Company has earned an outstanding reputation as a full service, high quality, manufacturing company.  Such an achievement was made possible by the hard work and dedication of its employees, as well as the confidence and perseverance of its founder.

Southland Envelope Company began as a family business venture, and today several third generation family members are carrying on the tradition that started so many years ago.